Volt Information Sciences - PS 9.2 FSCM and HCM Lift & Shift to OCI

Volt Information Sciences is a leading professional services company providing people and processes to its clients, helping clients get the right workforce for right results. Moved PeopleSoft FSCM and HCM 9.2 to OCI to reduce TCO, automate deployment and improve performance.
Customer : Volt Information Sciences
Industry : Professional Services


  • Complete the migration in 8 weeks time
  • Complete the Lift and Shift of on-prem instances with the ongoing tools upgrade to 8.55.25.
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  • Schedule the Lift and Shift activities as per tools upgrade schedule.
  • Use Cloud Manager to accelerate deployment and patching
  • Repoint all the integrations to applications running in OCI
  • Setup STAT to migrate PS objects between In-Prem and OCI

Solutions & Services
  • Solution using Oracle Cloud
  • Lift and Shift from on-prem to OCI using Cloud Manager
  • Network, Compute and Storage provisioning using Terraform and OCI CLI
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  • OCI Architecture and Sizing for FSCM and HCM 9.2 including DR

Benefits & Results
  • Faster provisioning of instance with Terraform
  • Faster Lift and Shift on on-prem instances using Cloud Manager
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  • Cloud Manager templates for future provisioning
  • Terraform scripts repository for future provisioning
  • Reduced total cost by 50% with OCI
  • Reduced Client overheads