Upper Mid-West Regional Users Group (UMRUG 2017)April 22, 2017 Tushar Goyal

It was a rainy day in Minneapolis today and I was at the University of Minnesota attending Upper Mid-West Regional User Group last week. There were about 60 to 80 people attending the event, mostly from PeopleSoft. Almost 90% of the attendees were on PeopleSoft 9.2 version.
Robbin V., Director Human Capital Management Product Strategy presented the keynote with information on Oracle’s vision towards PeopleSoft investment. He confirmed that Oracle has extended the PeopleSoft support until at least 2027 with possible extension. One important thing Robbin shared was that customers who are implementing or planning to implement Secure Enterprise Search (SES) should stop and look towards Elastic Search as that’s the latest technology. He talked more about Fluid adoption and how more and more customers are deploying fluid UI. He shared feedback from some customers who faced challenges with Fluid Adoption. One of the customers said that their user group was reluctant in the beginning but had a quick learning experience as Fluid is so easy to learn.
Other highlights from his keynote:
  • Classic Plus
  • Selective Adoption
  • HCM 9.2 Fluid UI demo
Astute’s Booth at UMRUG

Astute’s Booth at UMRUG

Later in the day there were multiple sessions on Fluid UI, Fluid Expense Approvals, PeopleSoft Test Framework and a lot more. Talk of the day was Fluid UI where some customers already adopted it and some evaluating the technology.

Astute presented two sessions with one on Fluid UI  and second one on PTF use case on PUM application and lessons learnt. Our first session on Fluid UI was jam packed with people and the session was very helpful as per the instant feedback we got. We did talk about how easy it is to adopt Fluid and the few step process of implementing new navigation collections, creating new custom tiles, page composer and much more. One question from the audience caught my attention – While making changes in Fluid UI components, do we need to perform testing for the same components under all different form factors? My answer is Yes; Though I don’t suggest doing an aggressive testing under all form factors for the same component feature.


PTF for PUM Application Session at UMRUG

PTF for PUM Application Session at UMRUG

My session was on PTF, a related case study and lessons learnt from our latest customer engagements. I kept the session very casual with open questions from audience throughout the session and got to answer some very good questions such as:

– How to make sure we don’t lose PTF test libraries with an environment refresh
– How does PTF manage testing data exhaustion problems? My answer to this is to incorporate PS Queries to fetch test data for you for each test so that you make the Tests independent of manual intervention.
Overall it was a great user group meeting which gave a users’ insight on PeopleSoft 9.2 product.


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