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“University of Santiago of Chile was looking for a solution that would provide an integrated platform that would address many business processes effectively, while demonstrating cost benefits over a period of time.”


USACH had attempted a Campus Solutions (CS) implementation before with CS version 9.0. They were not successful in going live for various reasons including internal resource constraints, lack of country-specific localizations in the product, and inaccessibility of expert consulting resources to help them implement the solution. They were also concerned about delays in procuring the infrastructure and resources needed to install and set up the PeopleSoft application software for their project.

University of Santiago, Chile

The University of Santiago, Chile (USACH) (Spanish: Universidad de Santiago de Chile) is one of the oldest public universities in Chile. USACH was keen on replacing its legacy student information system with a modern, integrated, and easy-to-use application for which USACH chose PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Astute Business Solutions discussed business needs and proposed an optimized, multi-phase implementation solution based on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services.

University of Santiago, Chile

Services Provided by Astute

Based on consultations with Astute, USACH decided to go forward with a new implementation of version 9.2 as opposed to starting with a version 9.0 product, which was more than ten years old.

Astute provided the following services to the University of Santiago:

  • Conducted a preliminary assessment of their needs and proposed a multi-phase implementation approach that leveraged Oracle Cloud infrastructure and platform services to get them a QuickStart on the project.
  • Using Oracle Cloud infrastructure and platform services, rapidly deployed PeopleSoft CS version 9.2 instant with secure access so that the customer could start using the product immediately.
  • Created three PeopleSoft 9.2 Campus Solutions instances for demonstration, development, and testing on Oracle Cloud with a Spanish language pack. This took only a few days, whereas it would have taken months in the Customer on-premises environment.
  • Used Oracle Cloud manager to deploy PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud with standardized topology and template definitions.
  • Developed a creative solution to automate deployment of development and test instances by using the Oracle Cloud Marketplace images.
  • Provided managed services on Oracle Cloud to manage the entire IaaS and PaaS Solution including technical support for PeopleSoft application.

Benefits achieved from Astute’s PeopleSoft on Cloud solution

Astute provided the University with cloud-based PeopleSoft 9.2 CS environments, which have no on-premise dependency. This way the customer can reduce costs by not maintaining their own physical infrastructures.

Reasons customer chose Astute over another partner

Astute’s PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud with Managed Services on Cloud enabled the customer to leapfrog into the Next Generation of PeopleSoft applications by leveraging the power flexibility and speed of Oracle Cloud infrastructure and platform services.

Wondering if your organization could realize benefits like these?

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Wondering if your organization could realize benefits like these?