PeopleSoft 9.2: Understanding Fluid SecurityApril 6, 2017 Tanvi

PeopleSoft Application on the fluid platform is gaining a lot of attention. Organizations have started thinking about giving their end users a cohesive and unified experience across platforms by enabling the fluid option. However as they start preparing for this transition, there are several factors to consider.

Security is one such parameter that needs due attention. With Fluid, end users can be more empowered to build their own ‘customized version’ of their PeopleSoft world. They can create their homepages, or alter the content they want to see on the delivered homepages. The IT team can configure and build a lot of content that can be pushed out to the end users. This also implies, that the controls and checks need to be in place to ensure that both the users and the IT team have the right security to perform certain transactions and also to ‘Not’ perform certain transactions!

This is a matrix I created to understand how to design security by identifying the exact roles and permission lists needed to perform critical actions:

Security Matrix
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