PeopleSoft 9.2 Fluid UI Travel & ExpensesApril 23, 2017 Tushar Goyal

I presented a webinar on PeopleSoft 9.2 Fluid UI with transactions of expense report creation, submission and approval within PeopleSoft Fluid UI. You get a complete Travel and Expense Solution which has coverage for all your needs with embedded expense policies. You get to reduce your organizations’ spend with efficient enforcement of the policies.
  • You get to configure multiple Expense types and create rules around it
  • Create policies to prevent any fraudulent activities
  • Give your auditing team and approvers total visibility on any violations
PeopleSoft 9.2 Fluid UI Travel & Expenses
PeopleSoft users can now submit travel authorization requests before a trip, while on the go from a smartphone or tablet. Users can request approval for travel expenses as well as see the status of requests wherever they are at, streamlining the expense approval process and providing employees with the tools they need. Oracle is committed to spending time and resources to the advancement of Fluid technology and making Travel and Expense module fully mobile. Pretty soon users will be able to upload expense receipts just by texting the receipt to a single number.
Audience Metrics

While registering, attendees were asked few questions: 

What is their current PeopleSoft Fluid Deployment status?
  • 35% said they are using classic
  • Another 35% said they are using Fluid T&E
  • Finally 30% didn’t provide an answer, which implies they are not using T&E at all

How many people have T&E Module licensed but not Implemented?

  • 38% said NO – They HAVE implemented and are using this module
  • 11% Said YES – That they have the license but NOT implemented it
  • And 8% – are actually interested in getting the license for this module



Why PeopleSoft Fluid T&E?

Fluid UI allows the Travel Authorization pages to render to the screen size to ensure that the expense approval request is seamless from start to finish, no matter what device the employee is using


Why PeopleSoft Fluid T&E?

Ease of navigation – With bigger cleaner tiles, it is easier to navigate across features while creating expense reports

Mobility – Fluid UI provides optimization capabilities across multiple Form Factors making expense module mobility very efficient. You can perform all expense related transactions from any kind of mobile device.
Ability to create custom Fluid components and editing existing components using Page composer gives opportunities to customize based on your requirements
Challenges with Classic & Advantages of Fluid


Challenges with Classic & Advantages of Fluid

PeopleSoft 9.2 T&E New Features Upto PUM 23

PUM Image 10 

Privilege Template Enhancements: Streamline the User Interface by Role – Expense Types
  • Expense report creation process has been enhanced by establishing a relationship between expense roles and expense types. You can now control the expense types that can be used by an expense role, when creating expense reports.
  • It is helpful for customers who need to restrict what contractors can see, or provide additional expense types to executives.
  • You can significantly reduce the list of available expense types for users.
  • Functionality available in all areas where expense types are prompted: Expense Report, Travel Authorization, Quick-Fill, Expense Type Groups, My Wallet, Receipt Split, Hotel Wizard

         Streamline the user Interface by Role – GL Chartfields

  • Specify which individual GL ChartFields users can see and interact with
  • Eliminate access to users unaware of complex accounting strings

        Receipts required configuration

  • This option allows you to determine a minimum receipt amount that is applied to expense report lines based on the expense type, payment type, and whether the expense was received through a credit card feed for the business unit.
  • You can establish rules for when receipts (or comments) are required and this configuration is driven by BU
  • Override capability down to expense type and payment type
  • Printed expense report has a grid to indicate to the user which receipts are needed
  • Optional new step added to require receipt verification prior to initiating approval routings
  • Provides additional security for organizations with the business process of requiring receipts before approving  

Ability to view Travel Authorizations using PeopleSoft Fluid UI on smartphones and tablets

  • Users can view travel authorizations that are in a Pending, Submitted, or Approved status

Expense WorkCenter for Accounting/Auditors

Expenses WorkCenter provides users with a centralized work area to complete tasks efficiently with reduced navigation 

  • It’s a Powerful tool for accounting and expense department auditors to manage approvals, exceptions, etc.
  • Key components delivered in the Expenses WorkCenter include links to expense exceptions, approvals, time reports, cash advances, expense reports, travel authorizations, and payment information
  • Users can quickly access various pages, Links, Processes, Reports, Queries and perform daily tasks without leaving the WorkCenter
  • Dashboard charts and pivot grids for immediate visualization

PUM Image 19

Many more features were introduced in this Image Update. E.g. Fluid user interface was expanded to include additional capabilities previously reserved for PIA Classic such as Withdraw Expense Report and Link Cash Advances and/or Travel Authorizations.

Expense and Travel Authorization Functionality Enhanced to Fluid UI

Features such as Expense Type Search, Import from My Wallet, Hotel Wizard, Receipt Itemization, Full Accounting Splits, Per Diems, VAT/GST, Exchange Rate Overrides, Attach Receipt Images, Text Receipt Images via Twilio

Transaction accounting distributions

  • ​There are Full Accounting Splits at Header & Line Levels
  • Uses EX Privilege Templates to selectively display only those ChartFields that are desired
  • Plan to leverage new Fluid Accounting ChartField Entry Framework for consistency across FSCM (Accounting Tags)

Attach Expense Receipts

  • Upload receipt images from phone or any mobile device
  • Header level and/or line level attachments
I attended the PeopleSoft Expenses presentation at Collaborate last week by PeopleSoft ESA Development Sr. Director Kelly Mills. He did mention that as part of Oracle’s Roadmap, they are going to introduce Expenses Receipt upload feature via text message with delivered integration to Twilio.
PeopleSoft 9.2 T&E New Features Upto PUM 23
Hotel Wizard  – Itemization of Hotel Folio
  • Easily break down complex hotel folios to properly charge the correct expense types
  • Uses Fluid Activity Guide Framework

PUM Image 22

  • Authorized Users (Proxy Entry) (DEMO)
  • Fluid Expense Report & Travel Authorization
  • Select from authorized list of employees
  • Search/Filter for longer lists
  • View/Edit/Submit rules enabled
My Wallet Enhancements
  • If you have configured, the User Defaults will populate
  • Originating Location added for mileage transactions, and included in import
  • My Wallet allows save with incomplete data (e.g. no expense type, zero amount, etc.)
  • Preparation for upcoming text messaging integration

View Printable Expense Report

  • ​This feature is available for all Fluid form factors and lets you print/generate a PDF file
  • Download PDF to device
  • Receipts required grid display to assist user in determining which receipts are needed via business rules configuration

Other Enhancements and refinement from PUM 19

  • User Defaults are added to L/XL form factors (DEMO) (This feature was not even in Classic before and is brand new).
  • Quick-Fill enabled in Fluid when creating new expense report, as well as via More button
  • Enter date range and select expense types to auto-generate (once or for all days in range)


PUM Image 23

In PUM 23 most of the changes are related to conversion of Classic functionality into Fluid. Also

  • Enhanced the Fluid interface for approving Travel Authorizations, Cash Advances, Cash Advance Post-Pay Audits, and Expense Post-Pay Audits. Also added the ability to view notes for all transactions.
  • An Approver can see the attachment which was not the case in previous versions
Finally I did a demonstration of PeopleSoft 9.2 T&E using Fluid Approvals under some use cases.
PUM Image 23
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