Moving from Amazon Cloud to Oracle Public Cloud old

Astute was looking for a solution that would provide an integrated platform that would address many business processes effectively, while demonstrating cost benefits over a period of time.


As an Oracle Partner, our issues are similar to the issues faced by Oracle customers in the real world of running, supporting, and maintaining PeopleSoft production applications. High availability, disaster recovery, uptime SLA, stability, performance, ease of maintenance, patch/fix–these are important requirements for all of our customers. These are also the areas where our customers have the most pain points, the most issues, and where they spend most of their time and effort, and hence money.

While we made an early move to deploy our own internal PeopleSoft Dev/Test and Sandbox instances on the Cloud using Amazon Web Services, we did not see the reductions in cost associated with deploying, managing, and upgrading these instances on Amazon Cloud.

Astute Business Solutions

  • Astute Business Solutions’ mission is to help its clients transform their businesses through innovative, practical, and cost-effective methods with Oracle enterprise business applications
  • Founded in 2004
Astute Business Solutions


Astute Business Solutions consists of an experienced team of industry specialists, process experts, technology architects, and change managers who have helped several private and public sector companies deploy Oracle enterprise business application solutions that function seamlessly, scale beautifully, and drive project profitability.

Astute has built a business around helping its customers make their transition to the cloud. Astute takes on-premises implementations and migrates them to Oracle Cloud and provides additional value-added services.

Service Astute Provided

Since Astute was already invested in AWS, that became our point of reference and our primary comparison.

  • With the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that includes PeopleSoft, EBS, JDE, and so on, pre-built images are available, which meant deploying demo or vision instances was a breeze–in less than five clicks, we could create a new instance and within two hours we could log in and start working.
  • We used Cloud Manager for PeopleSoft because it is easier to not just deploy PeopleSoft on the Cloud, but also Lift and Shift On-Premise instances to the Cloud and apply maintenance (patches, fixes, PUM images, tools patches, and payroll updates).
  • We also wanted to incorporate PaaS into our customer solutions. We spent time upfront and during implementations to automate deployments and keep our software images up to date with each new release of PeopleSoft. Although AWS is the leader in the Cloud today, they are product neutral, whereas Astute is deeply aligned with Oracle products. We needed something more than just an Infrastructure as a Service provider. We needed product expertise to back it up, especially Oracle products, which we were deploying on the Cloud.


Astute delivered the following software and processes:

  • Astute migrated PeopleSoft and Hyperion applications to the Oracle Cloud IaaS/PaaS solutions.
  • In PeopleSoft, we moved all application pillars: Human Capital Management (HCM), Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM), Campus Solutions (CS), Interaction Hub (Portal), Enterprise Learning Management (ELM), and CRM.

Wondering if your organization could realize benefits like these?

Let’s talk. We’re happy to help.  Astute Business Solutions offers unique service. 

Wondering if your organization could realize benefits like these?