Major Printer Manufacturing Company Upgrades to PeopleSoft HCM 9.2

In the winter of 2016, a major printing manufacturing corporation approached Astute Business Solutions with a request to assist in upgrading from PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 to PeopleSoft HCM version 9.2, and PeopleTools 8.53 to PeopleTools 8.55.

The PeopleSoft Landscape

The customer had implemented PeopleSoft HCM for North America, Latin America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and South Africa. It had more than 30,000 employees and around 25 Human Resource modules (HR) and Human Resource and Information Service module (HRIS) users.

They wanted to upgrade from PeopleSoft HCM version 9.1 (PeopleTools 8.53) to version 9.2 (PeopleTools 8.55). The following modules were to be implemented across all regions:

  • Core HR
  • Benefits
  • Workforce Administration
  • Workforce Monitoring
  • Time and Labor
  • Compensation
  • North America Payroll
  • Recruiting
  • Talent Acquisition Management (TAM)
  • Succession Planning
  • e-Performance
  • Employee/Manager Self-Service
  • Custom Bolt-on modules

Printer Manufacturing Client

Customer is a global printer manufacturing corporation based in the United States that manufactures laser printers and imaging products

Printer Manufacturing Client

Key Drivers for the 9.2 Upgrade

The company had several reasons for wanting to upgrade. Certainly they wanted to leverage the enhanced 9.2 functionalities. They wanted to take advantage of the easy navigation and the ease of use of the upgrade. They also wanted to leverage the fluid functionalities, such as pages, dashboards, tiles, and so on. And they wanted to align with Oracle to receive enhancements and bug fixes using PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) images.

In addition, they wanted to reduce the maintenance cost and to replace some custom functionalities with delivered enhancements through bug fixes or enhancements that were fixed in the upgraded version.

What Were the Challenges?

Astute needed to address several challenges:

  • Retrofitting the TAM and Candidate Gateway (CG) customizations: PeopleCode functionalities have some major changes to the action buttons on the career pages. They require careful review and migration of custom PeopleCode to different application packages for the desired functionality.
  • Managing Performance: Astute needed to manage some major PeopleCode changes and dashboard/work-center driven pages that were introduced in version 9.2. Retrofitting the custom PeopleCode was a challenge to attain the custom functionality the company required.
  • Additional security roles and permission lists needed to be granted for access to the fluid pages and functionality.

The Astute Customization Analysis

After the upgrade, Astute retrofitted the client’s customization of the Recruiting and TAM modules, which were integrated with third-party systems for job posting and notifications. In addition, the following work was done:

  • The e-Performance module was customized with additional workflows and review steps.
  • The Workforce Administration module was customized with integrations to Identity management systems.
  • Astute helped to retrofit the customized functionalities for the Succession Planning and Time and Labor modules.
  • We also added Bolt-on modules for pay reviews, mass loads, quick hiring, and manager self-service modules for submitting job openings and employee data changes.

What Integrations Were Made?

PeopleSoft HCM was integrated with the Identity Management systems, SAP, Salesforce, Webmethods, and a few external systems.

The Upgrade Process

The following graphic illustrates the major upgrade steps and the secondary steps within those.

The Upgrade Process

The initial upgrade was followed by three test upgrade moves and a final production move. The whole project took five months to go live with HCM 9.2 and PeopleTools 8.55.06. The project depended on the IDM upgrade performed along with the PeopleSoft upgrade. Retrofits were performed in the initial upgraded database and used as the upgrade source for the subsequent test moves.

Lessons Learnt

The project timeline was driven by the degree of customizations, as the Recruiting and e-Performance modules are highly customizable. Implementation of fluid home pages and tiles was the primary differentiator with users liking the ease of navigation and the look and feel. The testing automation helped the customer reduce the timeline for testing and the overall project timeline. Finally, Astute planned and prepared end-user training by leveraging the new functionalities in the HCM application version 9.2. Astute did not, however, provide formal training for this customer.

Benefits of Working with Astute

When this major printing company worked with Astute Business Solutions, it realized the following benefits:

  • Fast tracking of version 9.2 upgrades and testing automation.
  • Upgrade experts who helped reduce the cycle time for multiple upgrade passes.
  • Scripts and tools for comparing and adding additional security for the 9.2 upgrade.
  • Help with the performance optimization of the PeopleSoft application, reports, and batch processes.
  • Testing automation that reduces the testing timelines by up to 50%.
  • Pre-recorded test scripts for all modules in PeopleSoft version 9.2.
  • FasTest, an Astute product for testing automation, which provides the necessary tools for managing requirements, tests, and defects within the PeopleSoft application itself.
  • Test scripts to test security, which will be handy for incorporating the 9.2 security changes.
  • Help reducing the overall timeline by up to 30%.
  • Automation of custom-built functionalities that provide an added advantage to the customer.
  • FasTest dashboards that provide reports for the management team about the testing progress.
  • Test scripts that can be used repeatedly with or without modifications for PUM updates and Tax updates testing.

Wondering if your organization could realize benefits like these?

Let’s talk. We’re happy to help. Astute Business Solutions offers unique service.

Wondering if your organization could realize benefits like these?