Industry Solutions

Solutions tailored to meet the needs of organizations from varied industries.

Health Care & BioTech

PeopleSoft healthcare solutions provide access to the analytics providers need to improve the efficiency and quality of patient management while keeping costs down. Enable real-time collaboration, coordination and reporting to bring your healthcare organization to the next level of patient care.

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Public Sector

Organizations in the Public Sector have a challenging task of providing services to the public, round-the-clock, and effectively. When expectations are so high, we understand how important processes, tracking, security and transparency are. Equally important is to modernize the services and stay up-to-date.

Astute’s PeopleSoft solutions address these demands & help organizations modernize their operations. Our services & solutions cover areas such as disaster management, public infrastructure, defense & security, citizen services, taxation, campus solutions, social development and many more.

public sector

Non - Profit

Running a non-profit organization for a social cause calls for great responsibility & accountability – towards the public, volunteers, and donors. We understand that behind fulfilling a noble cause, is a team of people that need to equally focus on projects plans, budgets & most importantly, compliances.

Astute’s brings together PeopleSoft solutions that would help you smoothen the processes, simplify compliances, bring coherence amongst various departments and reduce the overall time and effort in managing operations. Modernizing your processes can free your people from fulfilling their roles.
Non Profit

Financial Services

The Finance &Banking industry left behind the traditional way of functioning long back, and while there is already a massive transformation, it’s just the beginning. The industry is undergoing a massive change, be it in the functioning, customer expectations, services or operations. Additionally, the customer is always on the move and demands a service that’s available anytime, anywhere.
Security, growing regulatory compliances, technological advancements, quick delivery of innovative solutions and services are just some of the challenges faced by the Finance & Banking sector.
Astute’s PeopleSoft Cloud Solutions help you participate in this transformation, making the most of the disruptive changes, and grow, irrespective of the size of the organization.