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By working with Astute, who has built our managed solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the university is saving $1 million annually compared with competing solutions we explored. And we benefit from their joint expertise with PeopleSoft and the latest public cloud infrastructure.”

Francisco Acuña Castillo
Asistentes Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Financial Services

The Finance & Banking industry left behind the traditional way of functioning long back, and while there is already a massive transformation, it’s just the beginning. The industry is undergoing a massive change, be it in the functioning, customer expectations, services or operations. Additionally, the customer is always on the move and demands a service that’s available anytime, anywhere.

Security, growing regulatory compliances, technological advancements, quick delivery of innovative solutions and services are just some of the challenges faced by the Finance & Banking sector.
Astute’s PeopleSoft Cloud Solutions help you participate in this transformation, making the most of the disruptive changes, and grow, irrespective of the size of the organization.

Our Finance & Banking Solutions help you :

  • Deliver consistent & fast service, engage customers through various platforms, even when they are on the move
  • Secure data & provide reliable services, while maintaining transparency
  • Comply with regulatory standards, without dampening bold & ground-breaking initiatives
  • Leverage flexible architecture so that you make the most of the cloud offerings, without worrying about heavy investment or infrastructure
  • Offer innovative solutions & customer services, giving a boost to the growing business
  • Manage assets to reduce operational costs
  • Monitor everything that is happening on the application front, get insights into customer behavior and respond promptly to potential opportunities for growth 
Be it the world’s largest banks or the smallest of the regional banks residing in a remote corner of the world, they all do one thing – manage the public’s hard-earned money. And that’s why Finance & Banking institutions are seeing increasing restrictions, regulations & safety measures to ensure that fair practices prevail. 
With right technology mix that promises transparency, accountability & ease of operations, this is possible!