FasTest Implementation for a Pennsylvania based Health Insurance Customer

Philadelphia based health insurance Customer adopted Astute’s test automation solution for its end to end business process tests to increase the test accuracy and test coverage. 

  • Application – PeopleSoft 9.2 FSCM and HCM
  • Test Repository – We executed 100 functional test scenarios including about 1000 transactions
  • Projects – Customer intends to use the test automation solution for a variety of projects in their steady-state phase but not limited to: database upgrade, PUM Image updates, new module implementations and small enhancement projects.

Overview of Customer requirements

  • Customer was looking for effective test automation for the PUM update regression testing or change management regression testing to minimize the manual testing time and effort. Customer was also looking forward to leverage Astute’s pre built test libraries on PeopleSoft 9.2 FSCM and HCM application to perform automated testing on vanilla functionalities as well as to design and build shell scripts on the areas of customization or in-scope business process
  • Customer was also looking for options to integrate FasTest’s defect data managed in FasTest’s defect management component with HP QC ALM system.

Health Insurance Customer

Customer is a mission-based managed care organization, more than just another health insurance company. Customer offers insurance, health services and other offerings to more than 5.7 million members in more than 15 states across the US.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA

Health Insurance Customer

The Problem

  • Test Coverage – Limited resources within customer QA team and limited time
  • Testing Accuracy – Challenging to ensure accurate test results
  • Test Documentation Overhead – Tons of excel’s based manual Scripts and test data
  • Functional Dependencies – Cross-modular testing increasing dependency and time-consuming
  • Testing Management Overhead – Tracking and reporting testing results by PUM update or change request project

The Goal was to automate standard business processes to reduce testing time lead to faster burndown, reduce cross modular dependencies and better reporting.

Services Provided by Astute

Astute provided the following services to Customer

  • FasTest implementation and test automation
  • Pre-Built test libraries on PeopleSoft 9.2 PUM 23 FSCM and PUM 21 HCM application
  • Designing and building PTF business process tests (shell test) on FSCM and HCM applications
  • ​PeopleSoft Test Framework and FasTest training and walk-through of scripts
  • ​FasTest integration with HP QC ALM
  • Test Maintenance best practice and tips

Overview of Astute Deliverables

Astute delivered the following products and plans

  • FasTest Implementation for accelerating test automation
  • Built 20 PTF Shell Tests and 90 PTF Tests
  • Pre Built test libraries on PeopleSoft 9.2 PUM 23 FSCM and PUM 21 HCM application
  • PeopleTools Test Framework & FasTest Training
  • Test Maintenance strategy and tips

The Resolution

  • Astute helped the customer to identify the potential areas and determine scope for test automation
  • Astute provided solution to the requirement of tracking and reviewing FasTest testing metrics by maintenance projects
  • Astute proposed solution to the problem of integrating FasTest with HP QC ALM for the defect management
  • Astute provided solution and recommended best practices on test maintenance strategy for effectively maintaining test scripts and expanding test coverage in the long term.

Benefits of Working with Astute

  • FasTest helped customer’s QA and functional team to less worry about PTF and execute test effectively in the system
  • Astute’s pre-built test libraries helped customer to jumpstart the automated testing on off-the-shelf process on FSCM and HCM application
  • Astute helped customer to determine test maintenance strategy in the long term based on the recommendations and expertise provided.

Wondering if your organization could realize benefits like these?

Let’s talk. We’re happy to help.  Astute Business Solutions offers unique service.

Wondering if your organization could realize benefits like these?