EZCORP Successfully Deploys PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud old

EZCORP was looking for a streamlined process for moving their PeopleSoft Production infrastructure to the Oracle Cloud while maintaining a Hybrid Cloud solution with integrations to On-Premise applications.

  • Rapidly deploy PeopleSoft Finance and HR on Oracle Cloud with zero business impact
  • Replicate the existing application setup, configuration, and integration on the cloud as-is
  • Integrate, test, and deploy the Hybrid Cloud solution to work with On-Premise applications


EZCORP needed a partner to help them Lift and Shift PeopleSoft Financials and HR applications to Oracle Cloud. EZCORP wanted this project to be completed within a tight schedule to meet Finance quarter-end and HR payroll calendar constraints. EZCORP wanted a partner with prior PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud deployment experience as well as Lift and Shift from On-Premise to cloud. It was important to deploy PeopleSoft applications as-is with no changes at all.


Starting with 16 pawn stores in 1989, EZCORP grew to be the leading provider of pawn loans in the United States and Mexico and consumer loans in Mexico. EZCORP provides numerous convenient options to obtain short-term cash, including non-recourse pawn loans collateralized by personal property and the sale of pre-owned merchandise to consumers seeking good value. EZCORP is dedicated to satisfying the short-term cash needs of consumers who are both cash and credit constrained.

  • Pawn Loans
  • 7,300 employees
  • $800 Million in annual revenue

The Problem

EZCORP had an aggressive timeline within which multiple PeopleSoft applications, with all integrations and data validations, had to be fit for Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud. Integrations by way of Web Services, Flat File, and FTP presented a wide variety of challenges. In addition, being on PeopleTools 8.53 meant they could not leverage Oracle Cloud Manager for Lift and Shift. EZCORP was also moving from a physical architecture to a virtual architecture on the cloud with Windows OS as the platform and MSSQL Server as their DB. This meant that the systems had to be rebuilt from scratch on the cloud prior to Lift and Shift with the exact same software, patch level, and security fixes applied.

Services Provided by Astute

Astute provided the following services to EZCORP:

  • Conducted a Cloud Assessment to define scope, timeline, and high-level architecture for Oracle Cloud
  • Built a detailed project plan for PeopleSoft and Hyperion applications Lift and Shift that included system build, integration, and data validation
  • Defined cloud deployment architecture for production and non-production applications, including all integration points, high availability, load-balancing, and nightly replications of the production-to-QA Sandbox instance
  • Collaborated with EZCORP teams to define and build Oracle Cloud SDN, Network ACLs, High Availability architecture, configured the PeopleSoft cloud manager, and established network connectivity
  • Performed the initial PeopleSoft software installation on the cloud and restored the database on the cloud servers
  • Configured and compiled the environments and helped EZCORP complete the patching and run the security scan
  • Helped EZCORP test all the integrations and complete the functional and performance testing
  • Assisted the client with disaster recovery (DR) rehearsal, defined the cut-over plan, executed the final cut over and the “go live” successfully
  • Helped client automate the software delivery lifecycle and improve the productivity and quality of the software development.

Overview of Astute Deliverables

Astute delivered the following products and plans:

  • The Lift and Shift cloud migration model
  • The Lift and Shift cloud architecture and sizing plan
  • The overall Lift and Shift PeopleSoft FSCM, PeopleSoft HCM , and Hyperion Project plan
  • Documentation about server and port configuration
  • The integration list, integration test result, and the sanity check test plan and result
  • The performance test approach, test scenarios, and test plan

The Resolution

Astute resolved the AP check printing issue by reviewing the printer configuration on the application server and reinstalling and reconfiguring the required fonts after the analysis. In addition, Astute analyzed the port issues and configured the Integration broker, then installed the required certificates and the correct Java version to resolve the load balancer connectivity issue.

The Benefits of Working with Astute

The Lift and Shift project enabled EZCORP to reduce the cost of maintaining its own infrastructures. Astute used the Lift and Shift cloud migration model to move the underlying infrastructure to run on virtual servers in the cloud. It then replicated the existing applications to rehost on the Oracle Cloud platform–without redesigning them.

Wondering if your organization could realize benefits like these?

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Wondering if your organization could realize benefits like these?