Compelling Reasons to Perform Due Diligence in Evaluating Cloud Applications

As our business worlds continue to shift to cloud-based technology, today’s CXO has a new responsibility on the table: performing due diligence in evaluating cloud applications. The stewards of company financial health, the CXOs of today have a responsibility to recognize opportunity, minimize risk, and deliver objective guidance. The modern CXO already knows his company will eventually move to cloud based technology – it is just a matter of extent and timing.

With all this in mind, we want to offer a short list of the most compelling triggers that indicate it is time to evaluate cloud-based enterprise business applications

     1. Your Business is Expanding

Don’t spend money building out an IT infrastructure, cloud-based applications are scalable without the huge monetary investment. In fact, cloud-based subscription ERP applications, allow companies to adapt to changing market dynamics with the ability to scale up or down so that their business doesn’t pay for superfluous users or functions.

      2. You Need to Reduce IT Spending while Increasing Cash Flow

In addition to organizing your billing schedule and tightening your inventory, subscription based cloud applications free up cash flow by enabling shared use of servers and reducing the cost of IT support and infrastructure. The ever-increasing complexity of IT support requirements for ERP business applications further justifies the CXO’s serious examination of cloud-based solutions.

     3. Your Staff Needs Secure Remote Access

Your team needs to access your applications securely from around the globe. Travel, telecommuting and our internet-based work world require a solution that provides access from any location and a cloud solution delivers that.

     4. Your Current Applications and/or Hardware is Near End of Life

This one is a no-brainer: Don’t invest more time or money in a solution that will soon be outdated. If your current finance application requires manual processes and time-consuming report generation, it is time to move.

With all these factors in mind, today’s business leaders must guide their organizations to be prepared for the future. Consider Oracle Cloud as a Best-in-Class Solutions to accelerate productivity, streamline processes, and provide on-demand access. Educate yourself, evaluate your options, and speak with skilled and qualified experts in the ERP arena who are equipped to perform ERP migrations to the cloud.

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