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Collaborate 2019 |
It’s all about Cloud at Collaborate 2019

Another great Collaborate event concluded last week with a week of great collaboration. As we have seen in the last few years, the emphasis is on Oracle Cloud Solutions.

Astute had three sessions on Cloud topics. One of these sessions was about how to make your first move to Cloud. The session was targeted towards Customers who have been hearing the buzzword Cloud, Lift and Shift to Cloud but feel ambivalent about the ROI or unsure of how to get started with their first move to Cloud.

This informatory session had topics covered across different new features that are available in PeopleSoft and PT 8.57, followed by how the move to Cloud can be accelerated by leveraging PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.


Session Overview:

Some of the things that Customers usually do that can be done on Cloud are new module implementations, PUM updates and Tools upgrade, current and new feature adoption, Automated Testing, etc. Most of these things can be accelerated by leveraging PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. Let’s understand what Cloud Manager is and what it can do for us.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager


The self-explanatory picture demonstrates what PeopleSoft Cloud Manager can do.


Do you need to pay for it?

First of all, it’s a free application to download from Oracle Cloud Marketplace for existing PeopleSoft customers.

What is it?

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is an orchestration framework to provision and manage PeopleSoft environments on Oracle Cloud. The PeopleSoft Cloud Manager can help to create task-specific environments that can last as long as the task is needed.


How does it help you?

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager will enable you to focus more on business and less on infrastructure management by taking away all the complexities involved in acquiring and managing the infrastructure to run PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud.

How do you Lift and Shift using Cloud Manager?

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager enables customers to easily migrate from on-premise environments to the Oracle Cloud using an automated Lift-and-Shift process.

What’s new?

Starting with Cloud Manager Image 8, you can create a bare-metal instance for the database system node and use it for provisioning any PeopleSoft application.


Using Cloud Manager, customers may subscribe to the PeopleTools 8.57 channel and automatically download the release, along with PeopleTools patches as they are made available. It’s also a great way to obtain the latest application PUM environment, and utilize the one-click PeopleTools upgrades offered by Cloud Manager.


To summarize what PeopleSoft Cloud Manager can do:

– Provision PeopleSoft environments on Oracle Compute Cloud and Oracle Database Cloud Services.

– Automatically download application PUM Images, application PRPs and PeopleTools patches – helps in Selective Adoption.

– Migrate an on-premises environment to Oracle Cloud.

– Create reusable deployment templates.

– Use self-service provisioning of PeopleSoft environments.

– Manage multiple environments from a single page.

– Perform on-demand health checks on environments.

– Enable application lifecycle management in Oracle Cloud.

– Clone environments by creating templates from running instances.


Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.57 – Cloud First Delivery


There have been several new features and enhancements in PT 8.57, some important ones are:

  • Development Tools Enhancements – App. Engine, Application Designer
  • Fluid UI – Dropzones, Personalized Tile labels, Grids Enhancements
  • Classic Plus additions
  • Search Technology – Elasticsearch 6.1.2, Kibana dashboard to perform data analysis and visualization
  • Reporting and Analytics enhancements – Personalized Analytic Notifications
  • Integration Broker – JSON Schema in REST Framework, CI-Based REST services
  • Lifecycle Management Tools – PUM dashboard, Test Framework


What are the benefits of doing Tools upgrade or running PeopleSoft on Cloud?

1. Speed of Deployment – One-click provisioning of the entire PeopleSoft stack.

No more manual installations, automated Lift and Shift to OCI Use Terraform to automate complete infrastructure build

2. PeopleSoft Upgrade Automation – One-click Tools 8.57 Upgrade, Tools Patching

Accelerate and simplify Upgrades and Patching with Cloud Manager, OCI DbaaS one-click patching and more

3.Operational Cost Reduction – No upfront investment in hardware

Pay ONLY for what you consume, dynamically start and stop instances.

4. Higher Performance – Bare Metal and Dense I/O for higher performanceImprove Payroll, batch, and online performance

5. Increased Security – Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), HIPAA, ISO, SOC, PCI DSS and more


Why run PeopleSoft on OCI, not AWS, Azure or on-premise?

We later covered some common use cases for PeopleSoft on OCI as below:


– PeopleSoft DR on Cloud – High Impact, Zero Disruption Solution – Can provide instant ROI with significantly lower DR cost and automated provisioning capabilities.

– Selective Adoption on OCI – Automate New PUM deployment with Cloud Manager, Prototype and Evaluate New Features Faster on OCI, Automate Testing of PUM with PTF.

– Upgrade on OCI – One-click automation for PeopleTools Upgrade and Patching, Faster V9.2 Upgrades, Deploy High-Performance VM’s for load testing, Automate build and tear-down of Dev/Test instances.

– PS non-prod on OCI – Start by moving Non-Production instances, build efficiency and reduce cost and effort for patching, testing, development.

– Performance testing on OCI – Scale up copies of Production on OCI with multiple app/web/scheduler servers, larger database and to run stress tests, load tests and measure performance.

– Oracle Analytics Cloud for PS – Easily transfer data to OACS and start building dashboards with analytics in days rather than weeks/months.


To know more on how Astute Business Solutions can help you to Lift and Shit workloads to Oracle Cloud email us on

info@BeAstute.com  or call us at +1 925 924 1402

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