Benefits of Cloud Computing

Gartner predicts that the Cloud adoption trend will continue through 2020, by which time most organizations are expected to have either ‘Cloud-first’ or ‘Cloud-only’ policies. Factors that largely influence this trend generate quantifiable improvements for most large businesses in terms of cloud-based storage, backup, and disaster recovery solutions.

Oracle has revolutionized the very way in which organizations conduct business with industry-leading engineered systems and seamlessly integrated solutions that can be deployed on the Cloud, on-premise, or both. Oracle Cloud services are especially proven to simplify IT, minimize operating costs, expedite time to market, enhance collaboration, and increase operational efficiency. The Cloud adoption strategy encompasses power-packed capabilities of hosting your business systems, custom applications, and infrastructure on remote servers whilst protecting your business from data loss.

Essentially, Oracle Cloud services offer the following fundamental benefits:

Enhanced business value with the PaaS platform to ensure optimal performance. Our gamut of comprehensive Cloud solutions ensure reduced capital investment in Datacenter or in-house, simplified integration with your existing infrastructure, and focus on expansive innovation and growth.

Optimizes the Platform as a service (PaaS) which is essentially a Cloud computing model that delivers hardware and software required for application development, as a service. Power-packed with rich resources such as development tools, libraries, and database management systems, PaaS completely innovates the IT functional area of your enterprise by simulating this infrastructure in the Cloud.

Drives Granular cost control with the ‘pay-as-you-use’ subscription model that promotes autonomy through self-service sign-up, management,       

and monitoring services.It is perfect for short-term ad-hoc projects without burdening your existing infrastructure

‘State-of-the-art’ architecture that delivers world-class security and maintenance with a high level of flexibility and availability. Reduces the life cycle of integration and testing to allow expansion across multiple business areas.

Self-defined upgrade cadence that largely facilitates customers to design an upgrade timetable, therefore, allowing in business operations.

Increased reliability with end-end implementation support that largely minimizes operational, integration, and testing costs and effort, and expediting time to market.

Accelerated implementation that creates streamlined processes to help businesses maintain more focus on revenue-generating engagement.

Increased flexibility and scalability with server loads that reduces dependency on in-house hardware with simplified implementation and increased accessibility.

Enhanced application agility in terms of availability of engineering resources. Agile businesses have an overall deep impact on business efficiency with the Cloud due to continued resource availability and internal IT optimization.

Promotes Cloud-based collaboration that largely expedites your time-to-market and promotes better customer service and engagement. Cloud adoption also ensures higher participation and enhanced organizational capabilities.

Ensured business continuity with exemplary Cloud-based disaster recovery and backup solutions available for businesses of all sizes.

Seamless flow of business workflow across all applications are intact with a Cloud platform such as Oracle with industry-leading solutions such as Oracle Integration Cloud that enables streamlined process flow and uninterrupted business transactions.


Power your business with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solutions comprising automated management & monitoring (OMC)  that minimize operational costs, streamline processes and technology, and boost organizational efficiency and productivity!

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