Transition to

Fluid UI

We can help with expert know-how
and proven training packages.

Everyone has questions
about transitioning to Fluid UI:

• “We have a lot of employees.  How can we roll-out and manage the change?”

• “What should we develop in Fluid? How do we know when to use what PeopleSoft builds, and when should we build on our own?”

• What are the first steps we should take for Fluid implementation?”

You can approach

Fluid UI

with confidence.

The first step is a conversation about your organization’s transition to Fluid.

We’ll help you build a road map for fluid implementation and identify quick wins

Learn up front how to avoid trouble spots and implement proven strategies to rapid Fluid transitions.

Choose from Three Packaged Service Offerings

or let us customize one for you.




Plan and Learn

• Create a Fluid change management strategy

• Train your Functional and Technical teams on Fluid UI basics

• Identify 3 Use Cases and Build Fluid Prototypes

• Adopt a Phased Roll-out plan for Fluid by incorporating Best Practices

• Understand when to:
-use delivered Fluid

Plan, Learn, Implement

• Strategy and Plan for implementing delivered and custom Fluid pages

• How to setup and configure Fluid Navigation

• Set Up Fluid Navigtation, Search, and Personalization

• Train users on Advanced Fluid Implementation topics

• Implement Fluid best practices and standards

• Set up and manage Fluid security

Plan, Learn, Implement, Transform

• Convert most-used queries to Fluid Reporting Dashboards

• Convert custom bolt-ons to Fluid Applications

• Wrap Classic Screens in Fluid Nav Collections to enhance User Experience

• Technical Training course on Fluid Development

• Build Fluid Home pages and Dashboards with detailed demos

No matter where an organization is in the Fluid UI adoption process, we have the training, and support to help you get up to speed.


Learn more about how we can make your transition to Fluid UI easy.

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