PeopleSoft Test Framework Training Offering

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is a tool that automates primarily functional testing within the PeopleSoft Enterprise application. Astute provides a two session training program to focus on PTF and its various features that help organizations reduce cost and overall time spent on regression testing, specially now with the Selective Adoption Model (PUM Images) in PeopleSoft V9.2. End of this training course, each of the attendees will be able to create, record, play and debug multiple tests along with testing end-to-end Business processes.


  1. Training to include installing and configuring PTF, understanding and iterating multiple tests in PTF.
  2. Simplify the creation and execution of automated test scripts that are managed by and integrated into your PeopleSoft applications with PeopleSoft Test Framework.
  3. PTF test automation troubleshooting and various debugging techniques will be discussed.
  4. Assignment samples to be given for practice.
  5. Installation guide, training manuals and other documents to be shared to each of the attendees.

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Training Offerings

Classroom Training and Live Virtual Class Objectives

Note: Live virtual class does not include hands-on activity sessions.

Beginner Session

Advanced Sessions

FasTest Training Sessions

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