Implement drilldown URL feature for a PS query based Pagelet

I ran into an interesting task where I need to build and enable drilldown feature for a PS query based homepage pagelet that is used on dashboard.

Drilling URL is a nice feature introduced starting with PeopleTools 8.50 and PeopleSoft added more features in later tools releases that enables and allows user to drill down to relevant data or information redirecting to a specific transaction or another query result set or to an external site or an attachment and to your own custom site.

Generally, drill down URL is enabled on a query result set by a hyperlink that redirects the user to target site displaying detailed information for a high-level information. When drilling type PS Query is used as a source in a homepage pagelet, many would think that data displayed on that pagelet would also bring up the drilling URL on data allowing users to take advantage of drilldown from pagelet published in a dashboard. But actually pagelet doesn’t bring up the drilling URL defined as part of the source PS Query not helping to take advantage of drill down.

Apparently there are couple of workarounds, one is using Show “View Source Data Link” specified in step #5 (specific display options) in Pagelet Wizard that brings up query result hyperlink under pagelet section which displays the full query results in new window showing the drilldown column links allowing to drilldown further. Another workaround is to use link options specified for each column of Query added in pagelet wizard as Content Reference redirecting to a specific component where drilldown relevant information could be displayed.


However, you would not be much happy using above workaround options since full query results would not meet drilldown feature from homepage or dashboard itself and what if, there is no existing component available to use as content reference to show detailed information may lead to additional work creating content reference for this purpose.

Wouldn’t be cool to if there is a simple solution to address using drilling PS Query on a pagelet to access more granular and detailed information?

Yep, there is a way. Here you go!

Follow the below steps to accomplish enabling Drilling PS query for a pagelet:
1. Create a drilling PS Query using Query URL or component URL in the form of query expression.
2. Check the expression as ‘Use as field’ where the entire URL adds up as a column in query.
3. Go to Pagelet Wizard, go to Step #5 (Specify Display Options), Click on link options for specific column that going be used as drill down element.
4. Select the link type as ‘External URL’, set Base URL as Specified by Data and select the expression field column from the dropdown list that have the fully resolved URL constructed by query.
5. Now go back to homepage or dashboard to access pagelet and check the drilldown option enabled. You are done!

Pagelet Wizard Link Detail