PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 PUM IMAGE 22 Highlights

In response to requests from customers, Oracle released many enhancements in PUM Image 22. Some of the significant improvements follow:

Fluid Approval Transactions

These are the new fluid approval transactions delivered in PUM 22


Accounting Tags

PeopleSoft accounting tags were introduced in FSCM PUM 18. Due to customers feedback, the use of accounting tags have been expanded. The goal is to replace the need for  product-specific, speed charts, speed type and accounting distribution setups in PeopleSoft Classic as well as in Fluid.

Each product has the option of whether or not they want to use accounting tags option, by selecting the check box option.


When creating a transaction, you can select the accounting tag search option or multi-accounting tag link which allows you to select multiple accounting tabs and distribute by quantity or percentage for the transaction.


In the Accounting Tag list page, you can have the additional feature to filter, create and manage favorites.


FSCM Standard Accounting Tags expansion includes the following transactions seen below:


General Ledger WorkCenter

General Ledger WorkCenter  for PeopleSoft Fluid enables users to access my works and links from a mobile device.7

Expand Fluid Payment Request with Simplified Analytics

Using Simplified Analytics you can create, configure and save analytics and drill down to detailed information. Simplified Analytics in the Billing Fluid WorkCenter enables you to compare metrics among the billing specialists or view which billing customers on hold. When Simplified Analytics is signed to component  and enabled, my analytics panel is displayed on the right side of the page.


Fluid WorkCenter – Links Personalization

For image 22 the Fluid WorkCenter has been enhanced and you can now personalize the display options for the links group box using the Personalize page. You can use this page to modify the display options links in the My Works and Links group boxes.


eProcurement Mobile Receiving 

This feature provides Fluid receiving capability that enables you to perform casual receiving on phone, tablet or desktop. You can override the quantity, reject or cancel the line. You can tap any item to view the details, after reviewing the details,  you can submit for receiving. Once it is submitted, you can see the confirmation page with receipt id and line details.

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Fluid Expense Report Entry Phase 2

Additional capabilities have been added to Fluid Expense Report entry process. The quick fill option enables you to determine which expense type to add to the report.


You can view or download the expense report in PDF format.


Choose from the predefined list of Non-preferred justification or enter your own.



Authorized users can switch between the list of users during expense and travel authorization entry to perform tasks in line with their authorization level.


Revenue Recognition Phase-3

The revenue recognition Phase three feature supports or transition to the new revenue accounting standard effective in 2018. Accounting in the contracts application was expanded to include project chart fields providing users in general ledger and billing visibility into the contract and contract line on selecting this checkbox project costing chart fields are used to create accounting entries for billing and revenue recognition the decision to select or not select the checkbox should be made when a new contract is first added this field is hidden.


If PeopleSoft project costing is not installed, project costing chart fields are enterable on the accounting distribution page if they use Project chart fields checkbox is selected on the contracts general page.  If not selected, then only Project ID is available. The revenue transition group box is used to identify the expected impact of the new revenue accounting standard on the contract and the status of its transition these fields are available in query and as criteria on the review product sales page, a new revenue impact tab was added to the review product sales page.  Use this page to review the potential impact of new revenue prices on an existing contract.

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HIBCC Barcode Support for Healthcare 2017

The system now supports bar code scans with greater intelligence and selects different bar code interpreters like those for HIBC and GS1 to dynamically find an appropriate item ID in inventory. You can capture the symbology identifier and a character preamble if present on the scanner or not. On this page the bar code rule, as per the standards, loads automatically therefore most of the fields on the page are display only. View the alternate item ID stored as the HIBC identifier. To scan the bar code generated according to the standards for the given item ID and B.C. identifier scan B.C. bar code associated with the item, view the completed express issue transaction.

E-Settlements Invoice Pre-validation

PeopleSoft  e-settlements added the Pre- validation of invoice data feature which enables you to apply configurable Pre- validation roles to third party TXml invoices uploaded by specific suppliers. Use the assignments page to assign a Pre- validation template to one or more suppliers or buying organizations that Pre- validation rules you defined in the template are used to validate invoice data from the supplier or buying organization you selected using the assignment type option. Email notifications are sent to the buying organization as well as the supplier with details of the Pre- validation errors. Use the review upload message page to review the upload messages resulting from the Pre- validation process. Click the error link to view the details of the error including a message about resolving the error. This expansion provided  was flexible and efficient in reducing downstream error correction of invoices.


Golden Tax Integration-Changes to Format to AISINO Golden Tax Software

Oracle PeopleSoft golden tax adapter or G T A integrates with the golden tax software provided by the AISINO corporation. G.T.A. provides seamless integration between Oracle PeopleSoft billing and the golden tax software system streamlining the creation of that invoices. The new feature has provided an expansion to the golden tax adapter the golden tax that printing system now allows the generated after invoice process to split the billing invoice by tax rate.


Supplier Document and Contract Reporting

The additional feature is to add a new report leveraging the pivot grid tool that will show PO spend summary and drill down information for group contracts and their associated child contracts. You can select from a range of data using field prompts filter data by selecting specific facets values and analyze pivot data by dragging and dropping facets into the pivot grid columns and rows. Click a bar on the graph and then detailed view to access the pivot grid drill down page, the page will display the details that represent the graph.


Federal Data Act – Includes PIID, Parent PIID, FAIN, and URI

The New feature of federal data Act allows you to use the parent PIID, FAIN and URI on the purchase order header and the purchase order staging tables.


Finally , The Auto Approval for Draft Contract Versioning is also added to the FSCM PUM Image 22.