PeopleSoft Upgrade Testing using PTF Automation for a Healthcare Customer

Astute recently completed another successful implementation of PeopleSoft Test Framework Test Automation using FasTest where customer‘s manual test scripts for PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain application modules were automated. About 30% of the customer‘s manual test library was automated with just 40 scenario based test scripts, also called PTF Shell Tests, which comprised of about 150 individual application transactions. Critical business processes such as requisition creation, inventory replenishment, expense report generation and payment, 3-way matching and many more were automated using PTF.
PTF Automation
The customer went through their PeopleSoft FSCM upgrade from 9.0 to 9.2 involving SIT and UAT test phases to test their upgraded copy of production. Testing is one of the critical phases of the upgrade project to make sure upgraded version of the application’s business process is working as expected and identify critical defects to avoid any potential problems later in the production.
The customer faced challenges in terms of testing timeline and testing end-to-end and cross-modular process scenarios efficiently. The business users really need to spend more than a day to test a Procure-to-Pay (P2P) involving Asset Management unitization or consolidation scenario coordinating among multiple teams to get the required test data and get along running the downstream process.
The automated testing through PeopleSoft Testing Framework helped customers a lot to test the large business process for different test data in about couple of hours to test effectively within a shorter period of time eliminating the need to spend more time depending on other teams. The customer realized the value of the automated testing ranging from individual scenarios to cross-module scenarios testing the exceptional negative scenarios, minimizing the manual testing efforts and time, automating testing for P2P process workflow scenarios and retrieving the PTF logs as testing evidence document.