Leverage PTF with PeopleTools 8.56

By Supriya Prabhakara June 14, 2017

      Now that the PeopleTools 8.56 is out, let's deep dive into the PTF offerings in 8.56 and how that can be leveraged.

      There has been enhancements to PeopleSoft Test Framework in PT 8.56 in the below areas:

      1. Query based Testing​

      2. ​Support for Testing with Charts

      3. Drag and drop functionality​

      Let’s take a look at each of these enhancements in detail.

      Query based Testing

      This includes the ability to run the Test based on the results fetched by running a Query from the PTF client.


      1. This makes the test cases portable across instances

      2. Tests are run with real-time data

      3. This also reduces the overhead of updating test data sets for every run

      How to implement:

      This can be implemented using the DataLoader type in the Test step with the action Load. This can be configured in the DataLoader tab on the Execution Options dialog box in PTF client as below.

      Authorizing the user – Assign the permission list PTPT2200 to the user. Or assign QAS Admin role to the user which includes PTPT2200 permission list.

      Click the edit button in the Recognition field of the step to open the Edit DataLoader dialog box.

      When you click the OK button on the Edit DataLoader dialog box, the variable mapping grid appears where you can edit variable names.

      Bind the Loop step with the DataLoader step type as per the requirement

      Note: By default, one DataLoader step type is associated with one query. If more than one query is required for the test, insert respective DataLoader types.

      Having seen the benefits above, there are a few limitations to this:

      1. DataLoader is not supported in a Shell Test.
      2. Data with hierarchy cannot be recognized in current DataLoader.
      3. DataLoader doesn’t support changing login user during runtime.
      4. DataLoader and Loop must be defined in the same test.
      5. Bind a Loop step type with a DataLoader step type. The Loop uses variables defined in the DataLoader. Variables from different DataLoader step types cannot be used within the same loop. Assign the value of a variable from a different DataLoader step type to a new variable associated with the Loop.
      6. If a date field is used as a prompt, the FieldValue must be entered as YYYY-MM-DD in the QASexecution request.
      7. The query parameter name in DataLoader Editor is limited to 20 characters, if the length of parameter name is larger than 20, it will be truncated and suspension points will be added at the end.

      Support for Testing with Charts

      This includes the ability to interact with JET charts used to display PTF tests. While recording a test, the context from the Chart can be captured and compared later while running the Test. With this, the chart can be used to capture the data to be used in the Test cases. This feature streamlines with Pivot grids and Simplified Analytics which are in use now.

      Actions with Chart step type:

      Chart Click - Performs a mouse click on a clickable area of the chart

      Get Property - Gets the property value of an HTML object and assign to the prop=value parameter. Also stores it to the variable in ret=&variable

      Verify - Compares the value in the browser to the expected value, and adds a pass or fail log entry for the validation

      Drag and Drop Functionality

      Two new steps Drag_From and Drop_Over are introduced which include the actions Div, Link and Span. This will enable the automated recording of the Drag and drop with Fluid UI. The following step types support Drag_From and Drop_Over actions:

      1. Div

      1.1. The Drag_From and Drop_Over actions are supported for PTF recorder and playback.

      1.2. The actions are associated with Div step type when the HTML code includes div tag with attributes draggable=”true” and droppable=”true”.

      2. Link

      2.1. The Drag_From and Drop_Over actions are supported for PTF recorder and playback.

      2.2. When PTF records tests for Tree Manager, instances of step definitions with Link step type and these actions can be found.

      3. Span

      3.1. The Drag_From and Drop_Over is only supported for PTF playback

      3.2. The actions are associated with Span step type when the HTML code includes the Span tag nested in the div tag with attributes draggable=”true” and droppable=”true”.