Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.56: Webinar Q&A

Astute Business Solutions hosted a webinar on 12/15 to discuss and showcase some of the latest features in PeopleTools 8.56. The session was well attended with over 100 registrations. The webinar agenda comprised of:-

  • What’s new in PeopleTools 8.56
  • De-customize with Event Mapping
  • Approval Workflow with Page Composer
  • Eliminate Manual Testing with PeopleSoft Test Framework
  • Transform UI/UX with ClassicPlus
  • PUM Dashboard for Selective Adoption
  • Upgrading to PT 8.56 on Oracle Cloud

Below is a compilation of all the questions that were asked during the webinar:-

  1. Can we use Classic Plus feature for any page?

Yes, classic plus feature can be applied on any classic page enabling classic plus feature at the system level or component level. The prerequisite is that you need to be on PeopleTools 8.56.

  1. Would page composer fluid approval support line level approvals and viewing attachments for approval transactions?

Yes, page composer fluid approval supports line level approvals and enables users toview attachment from mobile devices.

  1. How can I configure custom AWE approval process in Page composer fluid approval? Is it possible and supported?

Yes, custom AWE custom process can be configured and defined using Developer registration feature by creating a new approval type and deploy it on the mobile options. The navigation for registering a new custom fluid approval process is Enterprise Components-> Page Composer Administrator-> Developer Registration.

  1. Does the Event Mapping allow you to change (replace) actual delivered code? Like changing the behavior of the component?

Yes. Event Mapping is so powerful that it can be used to override a delivered code provided developer maps the application package to right set of component events.

  1. Will the data loader feature run the PS Query in the front end for fetching test data values?

No, Data Loader feature will run the mapped PS Query in the backend and retrieve the query output data in real time using for dynamic test data. PTF saves time executing test with desired dynamic test data by running the PS Query in backend.

  1. Does event mapping only work for some peoplecode event?

Yes. Till PeoleTools 8.55 Event Mapping can be used with Component Events and Component Record Events and from PeopleTools 8.56 Event mapping can also be used for Page Activate and some of Component Record Field events.

  1. Can you use classic plus on fluid pages?

Classic plus feature is introduced to apply classic plus styling on classic pages to make it look like more fluid page and get a uniformed look and feel across classic and fluid pages. Classic plus on fluid page is not applicable.

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