Top 10 Benefits of FasTest Test Automation Tools for PeopleSoft

Upgrading to PeopleSoft 9.2 but worried about keeping up with continuous PUM Updates and Regression Testing?

  1. Jumpstart your Test Automation – FasTest enables standardized testing processes through pre-built test libraries, test accelerators, defect management, dashboard analytics and test data mining tools that accelerate your time to value by dramatically cutting testing times and progressively increasing test automation levels.
  2. Automate regression testing – FasTest delivers a baseline regression test library for all PeopleSoft applications that is re-usable for regression testing PUM updates, patches/fixes/bundles, Tools updates and upgrades.
  3. Enhanced Reporting and Tracking capabilities -Track, monitor and centrally control activities at every test phase with real time progress reports, online test logs and notification and alerts.
  4. Dashboard Analytics – FasTest includes various dashboards that include standardized test metrics – Percentage execution by module, Test execution status, Defect count by priority, severity, status and more. Drill down further to source data or export data to excel.
  5. Automate Security and Compliance Testing – FasTest has pre-built test scenarios for PeopleSoft Security that can be easily adapted and tailored to customer specific security models like SOX, HIPAA and PeopleSoft Financial Audit Framework.
  6. Test Lifecycle Management – Role based views provide the appropriate levels of information for test managers, individual testers, stakeholders and business users. Test managers can assign, track, copy and organize the test library online depending on the project needs.
  7. Automate Procurement Controls Testing – Use FasTest to deliver proactive procurement control reports – overspent POs, unauthorized expenditures, vendor master changes, approval limit controls, duplicate vouchers, vendor compliance and a lot more.
  8. Automate Financial Controls Testing – Automate review, search and purge of your Financial audit logs for General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Billing and Assets using FasTest.
  9. Automate HCM Regulatory Reports – FasTest enables automation of HCM Regulatory reports like EEO, New Hire, Job Group Movement and various other regulatory reports for US and international countries.
  10. De-Risk PeopleSoft upgrades and implementations – Increase system reliability by defining and implementing the right automation strategy with FasTest. FasTest delivers best practices, training, automation and simplified procedures for all the phases of testing.