Workaround PT 855: Pivot Grid Not Displayed from Tile!

I came across a bug while working with pivot grids in an HCM 9.2.16/8.55, environment. Yes, we have often seen such errors on few Fluid screens… also while using Tile Wizard (uh oh).  In this blog post I share a small workaround I figured, to ‘revive’ lost display of a pivot grid (of Default view: Pivot Grid and Chart) via tile, without having to re-create anything.

Problem: Upon successful creation of a pivot grid based Fluid Tile, I am able to view and access my tile on a Fluid homepage. I am also able to click on my tile and view the analytics as expected. However, a certain set of actions lead to an error that prevents any further access to this chart definition via my tile (which also now displays incorrect content)

Reproducing the Error:

  1. Create a pivot grid based tile, using Tile Wizard
  2. Access this tile from your homepage to view your new pivot grid chart (all works fine thus far).bp_1129_1
  1. While viewing your pivot grid, click on Update Filters under Options menu on top right, as shown, and on the modal window, add/remove a few filters to the pivot grid. Then click on Applybp_1129_2



  1. Click Save from Options menu as shown:bp_1129_4
  1.  Oops, you see an error on the page! And to add to that, every time you click on your tile to access your pivot grid, an error similar to the one shown below, pops up, disabling you from viewing/accessing your pivot grid (even the tile content is disturbed):bp_1129_5

Fetching array element 1: index is not in range 1 to 0. (180,252) PT_PGPACKAGE.PT_PGInformation.OnExecute  Name:InitializeFromDB  PCPC:8652  Statement:201

Called from:PTPG_API.Model.OnExecute  Name:Model  Statement:50

Called from:PTS_SEARCH.PivotGridSearch.OnExecute  Name:Initiate  Statement:53

Called from:PTPG_NUI_VWR.Activate  Statement:137


Before looking for bugs and resolutions around this (BTW there is Bug 24740670 : ABSENCE ANALYTICS – PEOPLECODE ERROR CLICKING ON TILE), here is what I tried:

  1. Saved and published the tile again – No success
  2. Saved and published the pivot grid again – No success

However, this worked:

  1. Access the underlying pivot grid, in the pivot grid wizard
  2. Go to step 4 of the wizard,  change the Default view from Pivot Grid and Chart to Chart Only and save the definitionbp_1129_6
  3. Now go back to the your homepage, and try viewing/accessing your pivot grid tile. The pivot grid comes up again!bp_1129_7
  4.  Revert Default view to the originally defined Pivot Grid and Chart Only, and you have it all back

Hopefully we shall have a resolution for this bug, but until then hope this work around turns out helpful !