PeopleTools 8.56 Overview

Here is an overview of the features expected to be a part of PeopleTools 8.56 release. Although the new features look promising in making a difference with Cloud management and Fluid UI with page composer, Mr. Dave Bain, the Director of PeopleTools Product says there are no confirmed delivery dates yet and we got to stay tuned.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

PeopleSoft Cloud deployment architecture was introduced as a part of 8.55 which had changed the way the application is installed, packaged and delivered. This enabled the users to choose the applications to run in Cloud. The PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture has made Cloud transformation flexible, agile and efficient.

The Cloud administration is well illustrated in the below diagram.

The different aspects of having applications on Cloud are effectively managed by Cloud manager which is available on Cloud marketplace. This includes:

  • Cloud computing
  • Life cycle management
  • Migrate to Oracle cloud
  • Self-service provisioning

Elastic Search

Elastic search was released as a part of 8.55.11 patch and is the technology PeopleSoft will be using in place of Secure Enterprise Search (SES will not be supported after April 2018) going forward, to optimize searching.  This search is based on Lucene, a popular java based search library offering distributed, open source search. It is secure and is in line with PeopleSoft Security Model. However, end user experience remains the same.

8.55.11 is the minimum tools patch required to run an Elastic search.

The options available for deploying Elastic search:

  1. Fresh Install – This is for Customers who are not on PS Search Framework. A fresh install of Elastic search with PS Search Framework is required.
  2. Migrate from SES with downtime– This is for Customers who have already deployed PS Search Framework. The SES is brought down and Elastic search is installed on the same search server which means the existing infrastructure is used.
  3. Migrate from SES with live Cutover – This is for again  Customers who have already deployed PS Search Framework but performed without a downtime. The Elastic search is installed on the same search server while SES is up and running and later cut over to Elastic search by setting its priority.

The below diagram depicts the transition steps to Elastic search

PeopleSoft User Interface

  • Fluid UI Enhancements – PeopleTools 8.56 will offer more customizing options for Homepage.
  • Fluid form used to customize and configure UI can be included in Activity guides.
  • Clean up of modals and two-panel pages will enable users to create panel pages, workcenters with ease.

Classic Plus – This classic plus page mimic the look and feel of Fluid UI but not a Fluid page. This minimizes the change impact on the user who switches between Classic and Fluid UI.

It also enables the user to switch between Classic and classic plus by using a global switch. However, the best way to deliver this is still being looked into.


PeopleSoft Update Manager Analytics

Dashboard: The look remains the same but the information displayed has been enhanced to include the scope.

An element of scope is displayed in the Analytics. For example, if there is a report that pulls up the testing results by percentage, then executing 2 out of 10 and 200 out of 1000 would display the same 20% completion. With enhanced analytics, the size element is also considered for reporting along with the percentage.

Page Composer

Page Composer for Approvals – This enables the user to design the page without having to have the technical knowledge of Application designer. Page composer allows the user to drag and drop fields to create the approval page. All the approvals can be listed in one page which means the approver can approve a requisition, PO, an invoice, an expense report, all in one place. MAP approval is supported only through June 2017.The below diagram depicts the design flow of the Page composer.

Page composer registration:

  • Enables adding or deleting records.
  • Enables adding or deleting labels on the page
  • Enables adding or deleting PeopleCode on the fields tied to the page
  • Adding a new composition type and much more

Page Composer:

  • Enables the user to extend the form factors
  • Change style sheets
  • Add or remove fields, change their order
  • Change field labels

Fluid approvals to be released in the following updates:

FSCM – Image 20

CRM – Image 12

HCM – Image 20

ELM – Image 15

CS– Image 3