FasTest vs. Competition

FasTest vs. Competition

While every notable company has competitors, Astute Business solutions stands out in the PeopleSoft test automation marketplace with its proprietary testing automation tool named FasTest that offers remarkable test automation/managing features which has turned the tide in PeopleSoft testing automation using PeopleSoft Test Framework.

PeopleSoft folks already know that PeopleSoft Test Framework comes with limitations and cannot be used straight out of the box. While there are several companies offering solutions to overcome these, what makes Astute Business Solutions stand out in the PeopleSoft test automation arena with FasTest are:

  • Almost NO/minimal manual intervention
  • Exceptional Dashboard and Reporting capability
  • Execution of tests online (without going to PTF)
  • Creation/editing of tests online
  • Adding/modifying/deleting the test data online with option to Bulk upload
  • Defect Management
  • Test management

As a masterstroke, all of these are delivered with Security and latest features in Fluid!                                                                                                   

Let’s do a quick high-level comparison with competitors using a self-descriptive diagram.

All this proves to be the parameters in making FasTest as the wonder balm of PeopleSoft test automation industry incorporating all the new cool features in PeopleTools.