Astute’s FasTest for PTF Streamlines and Test Automation for Healthcare Customer

Customer case study on Test Automation using FasTest Test Automation powered by PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) 8.55


Leading Healthcare customer realizes time and cost benefits by adopting Test Automation solution for 9 modules across PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain (FSCM) for their 9.2 application testing with PUM updates. It also undergoes PeopleTools Test Framework and FasTest. training course from Astute.

Customer footprint for testing:


FSCM 9.2, 8.55 – Minimum of 85 end-to-end process based test scripts, covering 9 delivered modules.

Project Plans:

  • FasTest Implementation with PeopleTools 8.55
  • 42 Test Shells build using PeopleTools Test Framework.
  • PeopleTools Test Framework & FasTest Training
  • Planning for PUM Updates

Overall Challenges: 

  1. Test Coverage:- Limited resources and time, limited coverage
  2. Testing Accuracy: Challenging to ensure accurate test results
  3. Test Documentation Overhead:– Tons of Excels based Manual Scripts and test data
  4. Functional Dependencies:- Cross- modular testing introducing inefficiencies
  5. Testing Management Overhead:- Tracking and reporting was a major overhead
  6. Impact on PUM Planning: Testing overhead impacting rate of PUM adoption.

Goal: Automate standard business processes to reduce testing time leading to faster burndown, reduce cross modular dependencies and better reporting.  

Solution: Astute helped the customer

  • To Identify Scope of Test Automation
  • Develop Test Scenarios in PeopleSoft Test Framework for all in scope end to end business processes
  • Implement FasTest Test Automation for enhanced test automation and Test Management Capabilities
  • Training on PeopleSoft Test Framework & FasTest
  • Test Maintenance Strategy


Total Automated Tests= 42%

Automation = 70%

Customer Case Study for Test Automation using PTF