Fluid UI Tips and Techniques: How to Add PeopleSoft FSCM Fluid Navigation Collection to the Fluid Navigator

PeopleSoft FSCM Navigation Collection is available on FLUID as of Image 20. This includes all the PeopleSoft FSCM modules under one collection. One or more of these modules can be added on Fluid Homepage as well as Fluid Navigator.

Below are the steps to add a PeopleSoft Module from the FSCM Navigation Collection to the Fluid Navigator:

1. Click on the icon for Fluid Navigator 



   2.  Click on the icon for Personalize NavBar

 3. Personalize NavBar Screen will be displayed

 4. Click on the button for “Add Tile”. Option for FSCM Navigation Collections is available (Image 20 and above)

  5. Click on the link for FSCM Navigation Collections. All the PeopleSoft modules under FSCM are available to be added.

  6. Select a FSCM module and click on Done. In this example, I selected Billing. The FSCM Navigation Collection tile has been added to the Fluid Navigator

Note: FSCM Navigation Collection is available in FLUID as of Image 20

For more such information visit www.beastute.com/help-center/