Custom Images for PeopleSoft Fluid Tiles

As part of Fluid UI tips and techniques, in this blog post, I share simple steps to upload a custom image for a Fluid tile in PeopleSoft. Please note that the image format has to be SVG, to be used in a tile.

Here you go:

1: Go to Main Menu > PeopleTools > Portal > Branding > Branding Objects

2: Go to Image tab

3:  Click on Upload Image Object

4: Give the following information: Image name, Image Description and file format. Choose SVG files


5: Choose an SVG image from the desired file location and click Upload

6: The chosen image now appears on the below list.

7: Next, navigate to PeopleTools > Portal> Structure and Content

8: Navigate to your respective tile definition. For example, for tile definitions stored under PeopleSoft applications, here is where you access it:

9: Go to Fluid Attributes tab, for the tile definition

10: Choose your newly added SVG image from the list of uploaded images

11: Click on Save


12: Access your tile on a homepage!

Hope you find this useful!


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