Webinar on PeopleSoft 9.2 eProcurement with PUM Image 20

Our recent webinar presentation and live demo was on PeopleSoft 9.2 eProcurement and the new features of eProcurement module in PUM Image 20. We had a good mix of registrants who were either new to PeopleSoft eProcurement or have been using this module for quite some time. Below is a snapshot of their common concerns:


The presentation was focused on PeopleSoft eProcurement module basics, benefits, version 9.2, new features in PUM 20 and Supplier Integration options which come standard with the module implementation. Highlights of the webinar:

PeopleSoft eProcurement Introduction

PeopleSoft eProcurement is loaded with new and intuitive capabilities such as ability to configure features with no customization, simpler usability and extension to mobile devices. All this is driven by the Fluid User Interface coupled with functionality and experience of a consumer shopping site. In general, the eProcurement module is a web-based requisitioning tool that lets users create and submit online requisitions. This module automates the requisitioning process by bringing all the bell and whistles of a Procure-to-Pay function online. From filling up a request form, getting an email approval, mailing the purchase order, paper receiving and finally paying the invoice is all done online seamlessly within this module.

eProcurement module gives its’ users the ability to control and manage the spend by closely monitoring the supply chain process that is graphically represented with current statuses and upcoming stages. PeopleSoft 9.2 eProcurement is a transformation of the eProcurement module from its previous versions.


PeopleSoft 9.2 eProcurement

  • Ease of use with FLUID

For customers who have experienced fluid may agree on increased mobility Fluid technology provides to the application by making it device agnostic. Whether you are on a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop, the application web page seamlessly aligns to the screen size and resolution

  • Secure Enterprise Search (SES)

SES takes the requisitioning experience to the next level. Requesters just need to search for a product or a service and the results show exactly what they’re looking for and quickly.

  • Supplier Integrations

Excellent content management options are provided to customers with Marketplace or direct connect features wherein the PeopleSoft eProcurement application is integrated with third party suppliers using Integration Broker or XML or Open Catalog Interface

  • Personalized Experience

PeopleSoft eProcurement lets you customize the layout of your eProcurement homepage (if you are authorized to do so)

  • Productive & Efficient

Overall the PeopleSoft 9.2 eProcurement module is a well-designed requisitioning solution with better searching utilities for internal catalogs, delivered integration framework for punching out to supplier catalogs, delivered workflow framework for approval notifications/worklist items, graphical representation of the approval chain and what approvals have/have not yet occurred, and graphical representation of where the requisition is in the overall supply chain process


Below are few snapshots of the Fluid User Interface from our PeopleSoft 9.2 FSCM instance with PUM 20 image installed. The snapshot on the left is from a desktop and the right one is from a mobile phone, which depicts the way Fluid UI lets the application content align itself to the screen size and resolution.



Supplier Integrations

PeopleSoft allows multiple ways to integrate eProcurement with 3rd party suppliers. There is a Direct Connect feature and a Marketplace Integration feature.

  • The Direct Connect feature enables you to integrate with the items in a third-party supplier’s website using the following sub-features
    • Punchout
    • Roundtrip
    • Transparent Punchout
  • Marketplace feature is an electronic trading community where buyers and sellers review the latest supplier catalogs and prices. This feature enables you to review and load the latest catalogs and prices into your PeopleSoft eProcurement system. Marketplace boasts of many functions and is not just limited to “Stock Check Availability”, a “Price Check” and an “Order Status” features.


New Features up to PUM Image 20


Some of the many interesting questions asked by audience with my response:

  • Is eProcurement module completely converted from Class to Fluid in PeopleSoft 9.2 PUM 20?

Answer: PeopleSoft 9.2 eProcurement PUM 20 has more Fluid pages than previous versions, however, the whole module has not been converted into Fluid. With Oracle’s strong position on promoting Fluid Technology in the future, we anticipate much more classic menus to be converted into Fluid menus in the vanilla versions.

  • Are “My Orders” for requisitions I entered and/or requisitions where I am the requester?

Answer: “My Orders” tab for a user shows the requisitions where that user was acting as a requester. It does not show the requisitions you create on behalf of another requester.

  • What if a requester has multiple BU’s that they order for – where do they select the BU?

Answer: This is driven by the requester setup and user preferences. For a particular requester, if the Business Unit is left open, that will allow the requester to enter a Business Unit while creating a requisition.

  • Can PTF be used to test eProcurement in Fluid?

Answer: PeopleTools 8.55 comes standard with PTF functions for Fluid Technology that enables PTF to be used for Fluid pages across the applications whether it is eProcurement or Accounts Payable.