Upper Midwest RUG

The midwest is known for November snowfalls, blustery winds, and excessive amounts of clothing to keep warm.  Today was different. Today the coat rack was empty and smiles were abundant amongst the attendees of the Upper Midwest RUG. I like to think it was the bright and vibrant booth Astute had set up, but my assumption was the balmy 54 degree weather was the culprit. Either way, the day was off to a great start!


Regional User Group (RUG) conferences are by far my favorite events to attend. They have an intimacy about them, a strong sense of community amongst attendees and vendors, and personal one on one time to get to know one another is plentiful.  The ability to hear a company’s struggles, frustrations, and success stories makes for a great exchange to learn more, understand, and fuel Astute’s desires to keep putting our best foot forward.


Astute comes to conferences and RUGs knowing many struggles amongst the PeopleSoft users. This shines through and through when we hear the agony of users testing their scripts manually, diving into PTF (PeopleSoft Test Framework) and feeling completely lost and helpless, and/or a lack of understanding of how the next PUM Image will affect them. Astute takes these conversations and uses them to direct our attention to areas companies and users need us most.


As the morning continued and presentations began I saw a conference room fill up, each person eagerly awaiting for the speaker to start, and many side conversations with the same questions being passed back and forth…”how is your company handling testing?”.  I couldn’t help but smile as I knew what was coming would become that magic key for many!  Remember, earlier I said Astute truly takes the pains companies are feeling and uses that to put our best foot forward…they did just that. Astute has taken the extreme cumbersome task of manually testing and has made automation possible through our product FasTest.  Now before you quit reading or roll your eyes because you fear this may be turning into a sales pitch, bare with me.  I am not here to sell you anything, I promise. You can go to our website if you want more information regarding FasTest.  The product sells itself.  What I am here for, is to help you understand my excitement and pure satisfaction…(I guess some might call it bragging) I got from this RUG.


So back to the presentation.  The room is now “sold out”, chairs are full, people are standing in the back…you get my point. People were excited, excited to hear about Astute’s ability to make their life at work not so mundane or frustrating. To say nothing of the risk reduction and operational saving that are possible. The presentation took 60 minutes and within that 60 minutes, not a peep was heard (because we all know when we are bored, we get rambunctious and start clicking our pens, opening that snack we hid in our bags, or checking our facebook). The smiles lit the room up, the questions being asked seemed to be centered around “how fast can we get this” and “when do you have time to show the rest of my team” once they saw the value, cost savings, and ease of regression testing FasTest can give them. That my friends, is what truly makes my job exciting!