PeopleSoft Fluid Presentation at KCRUG

I just presented at the Kansas City Regional User Group about PeopleSoft Fluid UI on how to take advantage of Fluid UI in PeopleTools 8.54 and above. Here are the highlights from my presentation –

What is Fluid and Why to adopt Fluid?

PeopleSoft Fluid UI delivers PeopleSoft applications in a modern and intuitive way across multiple devices by incorporating HTML5 & CSS3 into PeopleTools 8.54.
What is fluid

The Fluid pages dynamically adjust to the screen size of devices used. Fluid UI takes PeopleSoft experience to a whole new level making it platform/ Operating System agnostic, be it an Android, IOS or Windows Operating system being used. It is easy to configure and personalize. Every user has the ability to personalize their own homepage based on the functions they operate in their organization.

Why fluid

Who Benefits from Fluid?

The user group is divided into three categories –

1) Power Users: Comprise of the backend office team such as AP clerks, Accountants, etc. who mostly work on the desktops entering data and running batch processes. They can use Fluid for Self Service and reporting purposes.

2) Casual Users: They are the Project Managers and Business Analysts who work both on desktops and mobile devices, however prefer to be on top of their project statuses via mobile accessibility. They can use the Self Service and mobile approval features, do reporting in the Fluid.

3) Executives: The C level employees who care about metrics, key indicators and the status of their departments/organization. These users rarely use desktops and have mobile/tablets as their preferred operating device. To take full advantage of PeopleSoft Fluid UI, the dashboards, notification alerts and mobile approvals come handy for this category of users.

who benefits

How to Deploy Fluid (Quick deployment of a PS Query to Fluid)?

If you are on PeopleSoft 9.2 (PUM 10 or above) and Tools 8.54 you can use Fluid pre-built applications from Oracle – Employee Self Service, Expenses, Procurement Operations, Project Management, Cash Management. You can also create your own applications. The beauty of Fluid UI is that it inherits the technology from Classic PeopleSoft: all the Fluid UI application definitions are created in Application designer. There is no need for separate workforce to develop and maintain Fluid applications. If you want to make fancier applications the developers need to be familiar with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

how to deploy

As a quick Fluid application deployment, assuming Fluid UI is enabled on your application, you can push the PS Query reports to Fluid UI in simple 2 steps – a) Convert the PS Query into Pivot Grids b) Convert the Pivot Grids into Grouplets and you have that PS Query available to be selected as a Fluid application on your Fluid homepage.