Astute at HIUG 2016

Astute presented a Live Demo on FasTest Test Automation for V9.2 HCM, FSCM, ELM, CS, Fluid 8.55

Highlights of the presentation are below:

FasTest automates testing of PeopleSoft V9.2 on­premise / in the Oracle Public Cloud/ on Amazon EC2. With Pre­Built Tests and Scenarios, Customization Compare and Analysis reports, Dashboards with Test Metrics and Data Mining tools, FasTest provides a comprehensive solution.

FasTest accelerates V9.2 Upgrade, V9.2 PUM, new module implementation and enhancement projects.

FasTest Dashboard eliminates manual tracking test progress by providing near­real time test metrics built on standard KPIs .
Astute also gave insights into FasTest Intermountain Healthcare’s project to implement automated testing in PeopleSoft FSCM with a delivered PeopleSoft tool, PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF), and pre-built tests provided by FasTest, a value add solution from Astute Business Solutions.

Conference Highlights

Oracle has a strong road map for PeopleSoft 9.2. Exciting new features are coming your way via PI’s (PUM Images) and PeopleTools updates.

PeopleSoft on Oracle Public Cloud presents tremendous cost, time and effort saving potential for non-production instances. Its easy to get started.

Interest in Fluid UI is rising and Customers want to build their own in addition to consuming delivered Fluid applications

Testing Challenges and the need for Test Automation with PeopleSoft Test Framework were top of mind. Customers on both sides of 9.2 are keen on adopting PTF to eliminate manual testing.

BI and Transactional Reporting continue to be challenging across applications. Fluid UI- based Dashboards and Analytics provide a robust, viable, PeopleSoft reporting solution in 8.54 and 8.55.

We look forward to HIUG 17 in Orlando.